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Hans from Germany writes:
Ok, obviously it seems there are people who are more prejudiced towards a particular brand, without really trying out one.

I am a song-writer for German audio broadcasting, and I have a lot of synths. And Yamaha does make excellent products. The CS6x is very versatile and flexible if you are smart enough to use it properly. Don't forget that the Yamaha Motif has won so many more awards than the Roland Fantom.

It is not very much known that Korg and Roland borrowed most of the post 80's digital technology from Yamaha. The yamaha dx-7 synthesizer set the digital revolution (until then other brands made analogs like the jupiter, prophesy, juno etc. )Without the DX7, the digital technology wont be possible, and hence the DSPs and other cool digital stuff.

My friend worked with Korg for a couple of years, and he showed me the press releases from Korg. The Korg M1 synthesizer (1988) was composed of proprietary yamaha technology 70 percent. Even today, don't be fooled, open up a synthesizer like Karma, and many parts inside are Yamaha, or have yamaha patent numbers.

Roland is a relatively recent company formed in 1981 in Hamamatsu, Japan, the same industrial location of Yamaha. While Yamaha made awesome analog synths for its time like the CS80, etc in the 1970s, Roland was just budding.

The more recent companies that supposedly makes analog modelling keyboards like Novation have the following message in their website "company history" section Novation is all about commitment. Commitment to innovation, commitment to quality and commitment to you. "Back in 1992, Novation launched its first product, a clever companion to the popular Yamaha QY10 pocket book workstation called the MM10. Needless to say, it was a hit the world over getting rave reviews and selling in its thousands."

Everybody has borrowed Yamaha Technology, including the swedish Nord Leads that studied analog modelling technology from the Yamaha's VL1 virtual acoustic modelling (VL1 was introduced in 1991).

Here are a list of few innovations yamaha made: (source involves several press releases)

1983: FM synthesis 1984: MIDI was first planned by sequential circuits, Herbie Hancock built the first MIDI keyboard, Yamaha had the first midi-integrated synthesizer

1988: Korg releases M1: The most innovative electronic synthesis...what is not known is that, 70 percent of the Korg proprietary technology was originally designed by Yamaha.

1991: Yamaha invents the VL1 Virtual Modelling...this is the backbone of most other analog modelling synths to come in the later years including the Clavia Nord Lead, Access Virus, Novation Nova, Emu, Ensoniq Fizmo, Alesis QS6

1994: Yamaha introduces AWM, advanced wave memory, the first technology that makes home keyboards sound on the professional level

(unknown date): Yamaha invents the LCD backlit screen interface that is used by most keyboards including the ever popular Korg Triton Workstation/Sampler

Before you make harsh judgements like a 'wanna-be' pro, ask the engineers first! Peace, Hans

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Dec-03-2002 at 16:21
Ask Depeche Mode, they used mostly yamaha cs6x and yamaha cs2x for their latest album exciter; I am sure if they used Jx-305 looser synth on their album, it would sound worse than shit... Ever heard sounds from the 32 MB Rx-5 and Rx-9 Roland keyboards? Absolutely horrible (not just the presents, tweak it a bit, it still sucks), while the yamaha psr keyboards with only 6 MB Rom sounds joke...roland jx 305 is one box of hyped up POO POO :P

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Dec-03-2002 at 16:04
peter heeny a professional user writes:
Professional synth?, in your dreams :), im gonna give you the addy to my website soon dude, download some of my music made compleatly on the JX and then say it sucks ;)

posted Tuesday-Dec-03-2002 at 15:51
Peter heeny writes:
I agree, i did own a yamaha CS6X, there ok but i wanted to move on, so I replaced it with a JX. I prefer my JX because it has 1000% more potential. Yamaha are ok for presets, but when it comes to original creation and lots of flexibility to create ground breaking tracks, sorry but the JX-305 kicks the CS. Obviously you people don't know how to use gear the proper way and just go for presets. We all know that roland is the N1 brand for professionals, so dream on kiddie widdies ;)

posted Tuesday-Dec-03-2002 at 15:48
yamaha sucks a professional user writes:
HAHAHAHA!!!! thats the worst thing ive ever seen roland sucks, i dont think so. Roland are the best and we all know it, hense the reason so many wannabe's use yamaha coz there crap. Trust me, you obviously don't own a 305, or are just saying u did. Jean michel jarre, Lasgo, ATB, NationX and force9 all used the JX-305 along with the mid range grooveboxes, so how can they be crap?, apart from the non heard depeche mode, how many trance bands do you see using yamaha?, none. LOL, it breaks my heart to see such great synths like roland fall coz of someone like you. The CS6X stinks, and thats for casio, there even worse!!!!!!!!!

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Dec-03-2002 at 15:44
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