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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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riq a hobbyist user from everywhere writes:
huh, you came here to read objective reviews? the only way to find out is it any good, is to actually own one.. i own.

the point is, no matter what equippment you have you nearly always defend it (or decision you made by purchasing it)

the best reviews ever ever is made by usually EVERY review is bullshit. becaus they talk about themselves more than about target. this isn't discussion board, but at least you gan crab what owners think..

personally i still don't know, am i happy with cs6x or should i have bought korg triton. the price difference was ony 40%

but as a user of cs6x (it's my first synth!) i can say that actually you won't miss other than (here are my ONLY complaints, all else is 5)

*more effects in performace *playback sampler (not just phrase sampler) for using own, pc prepared waves. *user arpeggios *phrase playback sequencer (eg for midi not wave) *a little bit better keyboard

on the other half, you get FUCKIN FREAKIN INDUTRIAL sounds.. usually i am blown away ;)

it's pretty easy to use, clear sound small noise and creative! realtime knobs really help alot!

why everybody compares it to triton? triton has bullshit filters and too few knobs. as far as i know, filters make the man ;)

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Feb-15-2000 at 04:17
DJ Pace a part-time user from Montreal, Canada writes:

I already own a Yamaha CS2x. Besides the new phrase sampler, new "outs", new knobs and expandability possibilities, what's the difference between CS6x and CS2x? I mean, is it worth to sell my CS2x and buy a CS6x if I don't intend to use the new sequencer? By the way, since the CS6x has the same amount of samples ROM than the CS2x and that both have the same number of presets, I suppose both synths have the same sounds. Is it true? Could I download sysex patches initially designed for the CS6x and upload them to my CS2x?

Any input would be appreciated!


Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-Feb-11-2000 at 14:13
rys a part-time user from usa writes:
Its just this simple if you need a synth that has great expansion options and a great synth engine and a (non roland like) Easy to use and understand interface I know of nothing better for the $ I am working in a dance industrial project right now and I am using it for live and studio work. I own or have owned all of the following mc 505 (total crap), quasi serius, both electratribes, su 700, sample trak 224(best bang for the buck), roland djmk2, emu e-synth dance kb sampler workstation. korg triton (total crap), sp808 (TOTAL CRAP),an1x (killer synth) asrx and a asr10, qy20, rm1x(best hard ware sequencer ever), xp80, all kinds of vintage synths juno106 sh101 808, novation bass station and a bunch of other stuff the point of this is this board is the best I know of for the price, options, sound quality and synth engine strength. Mind you its not a q or a virius but it not the same price and it dose do a few thing those don't. If you are reading this becouse you are thinking about getting one do your self a favor and order one, dig into it its as deep of a synth as you want it to be if you don't like it send it back but give it 2 weeks. It is my all time fave right now for the money the organs, pads, VA synths are all killer anyone who down plays this synth tested it at a gtr center with crap monitors for two min, are is just a compleat asswipe dick head with to much time on there hands in anycase you need to spend a bit of time with it like you do with all gear out side of a place like gtr center I make money doing music from time to time and I know this synth will pay for itself unlike some over sized paper weights I have bought in the past one last note the Mac and pc editor is the coolest thing sence sliced bread hope this helps.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jan-29-2000 at 17:59
tribal empire a professional user from usa writes:
hey just wanted to say i just got this board and it kicks ass. i find it fit's in nice in my setup. looks like everyone is talking smack about the cs6x, saying how there are so many better keyboards you could get. i dunno know about the rest of you but i dont only use one synth in my set up. people this synth wasn't designed to replace evrything it was ment to work with them, not instead of them. the beauty of the cs is that you dont have to search for all the hard to find analog. it was made to emulate it. not replace it. seems like evryone who talks ill about the board seems to fogrt that. the synth isnt made to replace the old school gear it's made so we dont have to try to find it. dont get me wrong i love my 303,202,and my juno 106 but i dont want to play out live with them. this i dont mind taking out. so before you bash the cs6x remeber it wasnt made to replace gear. it was made to compliment it

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jan-29-2000 at 13:08
DJ K from UK writes:
Max Potekhin do you actually own a CS6x? If you don`t you should not be "reviewing" it after only playing with it in a shop for a few minutes.Leave the reviews to the people who actually own the synth,after all this is a site for "user" reviews.Comments from 10 minute shop players like yourself really piss people off. Whats up? jealous you don`t own one?

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jan-29-2000 at 11:29
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