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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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guys guys guys,

triton's strong point is hip-hop and strings, the cs6x's strong point is trance; it depends on what you need

i love even the presets on the cs6x; its hard to find good presets in most synth, but cs6x has some kickass presets, and by tweaking you can make your own unique sounds.

why are you all whining about effects on cs6x? the nord lead does not even have effects! cs6x has 2 globals and 2 inserts, so you should be happy about it. if you want more effects, add an external fx processor.

cs6x is destined for eletronic-movie music or for trance/ambient; its a very good synth, i own novation nova, but i like cs6x better even though its not a VA board, i do have 2 plg-150ans installed, so i have 2 mutitimbral VA inside the cs6x! but the rest of the 14 parts are non-VA electronic sounds, and its still great.

if you are a trance guy, this keyboard is a MUST! why spend $1500 on a virus, when you can get this for around $500 on ebay, and this gives you many nice controllers like ribbon, breath, several pedal inputs, scene morph, these things you will not find in a virus C!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Nov-11-2003 at 16:20
Hans from Sweden writes:
pros: looks good some presets are great decent distortion guitar, some decent strings, pads, evolving sounds good controller...has nice ribbon controller, lots of knobs, breath controller, bunch of pedals...stuff that you won't find in a triton

cons: analog modelling board only 1 multitimbral most effects get lost in performance mode (voices that sound excellent single will not sound as good in multitimbral mode) shitty sampler expensive for its features ($1250!) scene morph stores only some filter parameters effects processing isn't that great...quite limited when compared to some other synths lousy led screen smart media storage LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST: WHY YAMAHA SUPPORT SUCKS FOR THIS PARTICULAR PRODUCT (when compared to decent support for other things like rs7000).

MY BIGGEST COMPLAINT ABOUT YAMAHA: (I HOPE YAMAHA CORRECTS THIS IF THEY DONT" WANT TO LOSE CUSTOMERS): Yamaha discontinues their products too fast...for eg. an1x. If you discontinue your product, before discontinuing try to come with a better follow-up product for heaven's sake. (thats what roland, korg and others do!)


Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-28-2003 at 01:57
yamahalover from sweden writes:
Yamaha cs6x is one hell of a has an amazing scene-morph feature that you will not find on those tritons or what not...i can change the scene from a sharp lead into a warm pad or utter noise! brilliant! (nord lead has this feature, but nord lead is only 4-multitimbral)... the sounds are ok preset, but great once you tweak them to your needs. I would suggest putting a vocoder and an1x plug in boards into it. its digital effects processor is pretty good ... 5 total effects make it nice...also, you could sing into the cs6x through the a/d in microphone and add delay and other effects to it, thus making the cs6x as an independent effects processor! the only thing i don't like is the sampler, though it has recycle-like remix, its still only 4 need min 64 mb for good usage... Though you can record via computer the sequences to cs6x, i would personally recommend using a rs7000 sequencer for live performance, you could manipulate sounds even more wildly that way. rs7000's effects such as those dj style master effects can be applied to the sounds on cs6x (or the synth that the cs6x can be used to control, say a virus desktop!) i love an1x's analog sound more than cs6x, so you need an plug in board. however, its only one timbre, so if you want va sounds, you can use cs6x as a controller to control other synths like nord lead, or virus.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Aug-24-2003 at 01:28
Silber Kasten a part-time user from canada writes:
This board sound great for dance/trance/techno music. It take a while to really master it's full potential but once you master it you can create thick and really inspiring sound (even better with two expension board on wich you can have for less than 200 $ now). I personally hate the yamaha editor but the midiquest version work really well

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jul-08-2003 at 17:00
jay a professional user from uk writes:
I've had this synth for a few months now i use to own a djx which i seam to like a bit better but this is a cool kit it not that easy to make your own sounds on it but if u put in the hard work u can get a-way from that pre-set sound I made a song with this thing called DREAM & TOYZ all the synths sound on TOYZ are from the CS6X and the Strings and bass sound on DREAM are from this synth 2 so go listen @

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jun-24-2003 at 10:00
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