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Average rating: 5.0 out of 5
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Mert TOPEL a professional user from TURKEY writes:
After getting used to the somewhat confusing layout, I realised myself to be dealing with one of the most impressive synthesizers ever been made. Back in the 70's the synthesizer was described as an instrument that is able to mimic any sound existing on the planet. Since, the first synthesisers I came to know were the well tamed Juno's and Korg DW8000 type "reasonable" synthesizers, I never got the idea of the description, untill... I met the CS30! It made me believe that "any" kind of sound can be heard out of this thing. Standard power solo synth sounds, acoustic reed instruments, trumpet, nature fx, acoustic sound fx, unearthly weird noises, stunning acoustic basses, unbelievable clavinet... and this list may never end...

Definitely not for beginners... Confusing and misleading front panel might destroy your programmer ego until you get used to it. --

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jan-29-2006 at 11:28
neven dayvid a professional user from berlin writes:
surely one of the best monosynths, just one step before going modular. a wealth of weird intermodulated noises is available. people who complain it´s not capable of minimoogish leads, please bear in mind that this is not the only purpose of sound synthesis. if you are serious about composing electronic music - as in unheard new soundscapes - this machine is VERY capable. not easy to fathom out, but time spent with getting to know it is rewarded. the sequencer in combination with your own monophonic playing on top of it can create some very rich and exciting textures. while soundwise not quite up there with the polyphonic cs synths, a very rewarding synth (though not for beginners)

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Sep-09-2003 at 17:20
tt a hobbyist user from The Netherlands writes:
The CS-30 is one of the greatest mono synths very varied sound , with all the knobs and sliders maybe a little daunting to the inexperienced but once you see the layout of the controls and start to tweak thos knobs its as easy as abc. Great acid bass's ,phatt ,low and powerfull sounds lots of farting ,hissing everything a anolog mono should do with lots of modulation and sweeping of the sounds. Using the high or band pass filter create thinner but interesting anolog timbres to fit into your mix. Only weakness is on fat lead sounds (but maybe only because now we are used to the VA's powerfull lead sounds!)and strings. If you see one buy it they are getting rare and the value of these are rising ! They fetch upwards of GBP 550.00

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-May-16-2002 at 05:35
van der Bröök from Sweden writes:
It´s a great f**king synth ! Makes LOTS of wierd noises and lot´s of BRÖÖÖK !! 5 out of 5 ! If you can find one - BUY !!!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Dec-28-2000 at 08:08
duncan a part-time user from london, england writes:
a magnificent, if somewhat daunting, monosynth. quite capable of running a sequence while you play along on the keyboard. many modulation possibilities, 3-mode filters (you won't even miss the self-oscillation, the band-pass has it's own character). get the sequencer (at least) midi'd; I used a unit that allowed changing the divide/rate while it's running.... we did one track where it makes a breathing noise.... "what's that?" "can't remember..." "must be the cs30 then".

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Dec-19-2000 at 14:48
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