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Average rating: 3.2 out of 5
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Ed Long a part-time user from UK writes:
It took me a while to get the EWS set up, partly as I built the PC around it. But it's worth the effort. It's a really good sampler; maybe not quiet enough for a real professional studio, but I was impressed. I'm running it in a pentium 330MHz with 64Meg RAM and Windows 98. If you want to do high class demos I think it's a good bet. P.S. A lot to learn when you're new to it!

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jun-24-2004 at 11:20
dude from the north a hobbyist user from canada writes:
from the reveiws i have seen on this site and others the ews64 is basically a good piece of hard ware but the software and installation componets suck(as well as my spelling). i was thinking of going with this card for its sampling capablites cause upgrading my awe64's memory is way to freaking expensive and my computer 400mhz 256mb ram is to slow to get good results from virtual i thought replacing my awe64 with ews64 would be cheaper than buying faster pc.any sugguestions..soft sampler that runs awsome on 400mhz...sound card sampler that works and don't cost a mint to upgrade memory..anything else.thanx for any info!

posted Wednesday-Mar-20-2002 at 16:29
Peltonen a professional user from Finland writes:
EWS64XL vs TB Pinnacle.

I have them both and all I can say is that pinnacle boosts the sounds and makes them sound very good. I love the sound of TB Pinnacle.

EWS64XL has got more effects and midi stuff. Unfortunately I have to critise the sound quality of the card. No matter if you have 100 type of effects if the sound result is like a bread without butter on it.

Terratec. Support section sucks..

Rating: 2 out of 5 posted Thursday-Mar-07-2002 at 09:18
Joachim a hobbyist user from Germany writes:
Hello Dear Enthusiast !

I got a EWS64XL. But the size is restricted for samplings up to 265kB. Too small, i think. In fewer days, Terratec said, that it could be possible to enlarge it.

Do you know more about that, or do you have later informations about that ? Is there a possible restricted use of the whole systemmemory for samplings, like creative made it possible in its new cards. I dont want to buy a new card, but the EWS is not satisfying me. Please help !

Best regards, looking forward to your kind answer Joachim Reitz

posted Thursday-Nov-29-2001 at 09:42
Carlos Molina a professional user from Dominican Republic writes:
my rate was 5 not 3.5.i found that the most problems are not related to the sound the o.s.i have problems with windows 98 2nd edition and turn back to the 1rst one its more only problem was the eeprom,and willms get me out of the the way all of you up there in we have 33 degrees C,and a very sunny sky.hasta la vista

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Aug-23-2001 at 10:13
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