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Average rating: 4.2 out of 5
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synthmeister a hobbyist user from USA writes:
This thing sounds very good and has some major advantages, along with some caveats. I'm comparing it to other vintage synths since they all blow the new VAs away as we know.

High-quality sound, typical mid-1980s digital-analog characteristic. NOT quite the same as your classic vintage analog-very contemporary, tighter envelopes and better midi latency, timing and thus expresseness than the older analogs, in exchange for a lighter less gutsy smoother character lacking some of the punchiness of vintage American or CS Yamaha, Korg or earlier Rolands including the Jupiter 8. A Jupiter 8 does have more of the classic vintage analog sound, on the other hand the MKS is tighter, faster and more expressive using midi.

Good examples of MKS bass are Who's That Girl, Open Your Heart and Into the Groove Madonna, as opposed to Prophet bass on Lucky Star-the Prophet's more powerful and deeper, while the Jupiter's faster, more nimble and tighter.

As far as warmth let's be honest NONE of the Rolands have the warmth of American or Yamaha/Korg vintage synths, they have a neutral sound. Whether that matters is subjective.

As far as reliability and portibility you've got your typical Japanese superiority build quality and better tolerances than other vintage synths. I had a programmer but sold it, prefering the cursors for their exactness plus there's always software programmers.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Sunday-Jun-10-2007 at 11:35
X-template from World writes:
Get a Novation X-station and the template for MKS80. Much cheaper then a MPG80 but just as good. www dot x-template dot com

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Apr-08-2007 at 06:25
Hello a professional user from World writes:
Please don't spam with bad grading.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Dec-13-2006 at 18:02
Dennis Bekkering a hobbyist user from amsterdam writes:
I have bought one last week. When i got home i discovered that it is a revision 3. I have never played or heared an mks80 live before so i cannot say if i am lucky with the fact that it is a rev3. I dont have the programmer so i was a bit lost in space the first few days. I have ordered a midi controller to make my live easier in that regard but it hasn't arrived yet so i am still programming the thing bare handed. After a while you get used to it a little so it is not too bad without programmer.

It is my first analogue synth with so many possibilties and i have to say that it sounds impressive. The filters and their resonance are not that special but the VCO's sound very good to my ears. I own an access virus also and the mks80 sounds more solid on the bottom end but the virus is more bright and silky.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Sep-27-2006 at 05:01
Leslie Andrew Lawrenson a part-time user from Poole, Dorset (UK) writes:
This is simply the best analogue machine you will find for the the cash. I bought mine recently for £800 (with the MPG-80 programmer). I've seen a chap from the USA trying to flog a JP8 in Sound on Sound to us Brits for £2750, which is a truely rip-off price. Save your money and buy this machine. With the programmer, you can send sysEx info into your sequencer and record all the program changes (filter sweeps, pwm modulations, etc), which you can't do on either the JP8 or the JP6. Also, the sound between all the synths in the Jupiter range is not as great as everyone has said (I certainly can't tell the diffence). I own a Prophet 5 rev3.2 and an Andromeda, and my Super Jupiter has a distinctly diffent sound. Not as fat as the P5, but warmer than the A6. I love the ethereal quality of the sounds (try layering a pad with a plucked sound in the lower/upper tones).

Mine is the later 5 rev, with the custom Roland chips. One chap on this site said that these chips are like rocking horse shit to replace, but I've yet to hear of one of the later versions blowing their chips. Jap machines do not go wrong (unlike some US machines).

Some chaps on this site have slated this machine. I can't understand why. Surely, they have never actually owned this machine, or had the sheer pleasure of programming it. The brass sounds are legendary, and have appeared on nearly every hit record in the 80ies. What have these nobodies ever done?

This next bit is for real musicians only. The Prophet and the Moogs and the JP8s are so over-priced that only non-music-making art collectors can afford them. The Super Jupiter is the analogue world's best kept secret. Buy it now, before it, too, becomes affordable only to those who can't play/make/envision music. And buy the Andromeda too, since this is a classic of the future.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Sep-25-2006 at 15:07
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