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Joey DK a professional user from USA writes:
I owned one of these in the mid-1980s, and it worked fine for what it was. I used it with my Roland SH-1 (even the cabinet styling matched). Pretty simple machine to use; (IIRC) you hit a record button and stepped in a series of control voltages -- I think there was a step key to program rests -- and hit stop when you were through. (The sequencer on the Sequential Circuits Pro One worked much the same way.) It had a 100 note capacity. Playback tempo was controlled by a knob. There was no backup memory and it lost the programmed notes when turned it off. I had to load it with a sequence before a show and hope no one licked the power cord out before the song got played!

The CSQ-600 is by far a better machine, for the 6x memory capacity and especially the battery-backup for the RAM.

The CSQ-100 never gave me a bit of trouble mechanically though, so go figure...

posted Saturday-Jan-05-2002 at 05:34
Gary Miraz a professional user from U writes:
Sorry Guys. I hit the enter key. But here is my review. I have one of these units for at least 4 years. I can run my oberheim OBX, Prophet 5, Pro-One and jupiter 4. It does not accept ARP and Moog of course and I did not even try the Korg MS-10 (I have that running through the Korg SQ-10 sequencer)It is a great unit. If I ever find a good priced CSQ-600 I might pick it up. Very simple and real time sequencer. Too bad there is no synch on the CSQ-100 though. It can be a little weird sometimes but that can be good. The portmento is really cool. Pushing the Calibrate button while it plays makes any sequence sound like sample and hold.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Dec-30-2001 at 18:16
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