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Supaman Luva a professional user from UK writes:
This piece will go as far as your mind lets it.Absolutely limitless.I found this at a pawn shop for $1400 I would not pay more than $1500 for this in excellent shape.Simply put it AMAZING!!!!!!!!Some reviews of this keyboard must have been by users that didn't take the time to get into this.SWEETTT!!!!!!!!!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Oct-24-2002 at 20:18
Spikey a part-time user from Texas writes:
I own and use a DAW. My dual Athlon palomino's and XP have the latest drivers. I use Cool Edit Pro, Sonar XL and Sound Forge 5... So when I tell You that the Korg Trinity's Sequencer is a no-nonsense real powerful but user friendly tool for creating music, believe Me... Thats the "tip" of the Ice-Burg with the Trinity V3 Pro-X.. The sounds are superior or an equal to anything out there, including Kurzweil K26xx series boards... This is the Main board in My studio. I use it's sounds and it's sequencer for all my needs... In a nut-shell, Korg went backwards with the Triton in many respects compared to the Trinity.

(See My work at )

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Feb-12-2002 at 23:26
Richard a hobbyist user from SE Scotland writes:
Ha! The previous comments on here were obviously made by people with no desire to learn how the Trinity works. I got my ProX used, and it's a 33.3Kg beast. If you don't want to spend the money on the weighted keyboard the Plus or 61-key V3 is considerably better value, but I use it as a master keyboard too. It has a remarkable synth engine for 1995 - remember, Roland's JV engine was just being developed from the earlier SCC-1A/D110/SoundCanvas type - and is incredibly well made and expandable. 32 voice polyphony, 33 if you go to the SOLO board too, and some lush sounds - of course the presets sound a little like a PSR, the thing ships with General MIDI patches to make it easy for brain-dead sales staff to push to people with more money than sense. It out Clavinovas the Clavinova, so perhaps they have sense too, but it's an excellent synth. I wouldn't use the sequencer, but compared to other workstations, the touch screen and virtual mixer make sense to me. I kept my M1 when I got it, though, because it does sound polished compared to the 80s tech.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jan-01-2002 at 05:51
Joel Jack from Caribbean writes:
The trinity souns like a good keyboard every church should own. I am talking from experience.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Saturday-Aug-11-2001 at 15:16
Tony Rooney a part time user from USA writes:
Basically, I'm awed by the POTENTIAL of this keyboard, thought the learning curve is pretty steep (I've only had it two days). It sounds great, feels great (and LOOKS great, too!), and the joystick and ribbon controller really add a great deal of expression and nuance, once you get the hang of it. I'm bummed, though, by some of the sequencer features -- or lack thereof. For instance, there appears to be no way to "cut and paste" songs together from indepent sequences, as you can on Ensoniq keyboards, for example. Thus you have to track out an entire composition on one file, no matter how long it may be -- or end up being. A real pain in the ass, having been spoiled by Ensoniq's more song-writer friendly approach... Also, you can't save just ONE sequence (KORG calls them "songs") to disk -- you have to save the whole kit and kaboodle, whatever is in memeory. That can really slow you down when you're backing things up on the fly as you work on a song. There are other small inconveniences (e.g., you can't easily just tell a song to playback in a loop -- you have to specify from what measure to what measure, then once you do, you can't choose any location to begin playing or recording the song -- you are forced to start playback from the beginning of the loop region you identified). But I guess you can't have everything. I'm excited to see how powerful the add-on four channel digital audio to disk hard drive recorder really is -- imagine being able to mix your vocals right in with your sequencer data!

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Aug-05-1998 at 23:42
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