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Average rating: 3.5 out of 5
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SynthBaron from Florida writes:
Support is terrible. =/

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jun-17-2004 at 03:09
William a professional user from USA writes:
hey out there. i've recently came across a Digital Keyboards Inc. Synergy. Now I don't know how I can tell if it is the GDS II or not, but its big, black, many dials, sounds like a plane starting when you turn it on (motor is in good shape) lol. At any rate, I'm trying to sell the instrument, anyone know its true market value? It's in good-great condition. Comes with original dual-foot pedal, and dust cover reading "SYNERGY"? Any help would be greatly appreciated..Also, is the slot on the right side of the keyboard for expansion? for saves? thanks...

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Jun-16-2004 at 15:04

posted Monday-Jun-09-2003 at 06:48
Bob Cowart a hobbyist user from Berkeley, CA, USA writes:
I have the whole setup, was influced by Wendy Carlos who uses the Synergy system. She wrote tons of compositions using it, including Digital Moonscapes, music for Tron and Clockwork Orange, etc. I have the Kaypro 2, software, cable for connecting the synth and computer, all the sound carts, and a library of voices on Kaypro disks.

You can do some serious programming of this board. It's quite a performance instrument, because it has a 4-track sequencer onboard, you can loop each track independently, and you can record tracks while you're performing. Just record a riff then loop it, change patch, and do another one. Easily build up the sounds this way and accompany yourself. Of course, there are only so many oscillators, so you can run out. But it's really quite run.

It also has this amazingly fun random vibrato option. Turn it up deep, and you're getting random notes before you know it. Play a chord in this mode, and it's a truly unheard of sound. Haven't head any other synth do this. Beats fusion and/or Arnold Shoenberg with a stick!

The keyboard is pretty OK. But get this, it has bi-directional velocity sensing! So not only can you control amplitude/timbre by how fast you press, but how fast you release also can have similar (or totally different) effects.

The computer interface lets you store the system state (all the patches and sequences), as well as edit the voices and store them, using graphs on screen, the keyboard, and the knobs on the front of the synth. You could have a completely different setup for different acts, recording projects, etc, and just load them all in from disk.

I also have the MIDI update that is pretty complete, but not totally (sustain isn't implemented), and did replace the fan to quiet it down. It's now very quiet.

The sounds are not that great. Used it in a dance band, and they kept wanting stuff like like Rhodes or B3, or DX7. What can I say? The orchestral sounds are pretty awesome, though, esp. those that Wendy Carlos did. Like trumpets, pipe organs, bassoon, etc. Didn't really cut it for a rock band though.

I'd sell it, if you're interested. For the right price.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Monday-May-22-2000 at 16:35
Norm Demour a professional user from Northampton, MA writes:
This synth is phenomenal! I have the Synergy II with the kaypro for editing; however, I have a few Wendy Carlos ROMS and they are stunningly beautiful and dark sounding. Very strange futurisic gamelan tones with a new meaning each time a key is struck. Anyone selling Wendy's ROM's please contact me!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-May-12-2000 at 04:35
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