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  Proteus/1 ProtoLogic At a Glance
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Roshi Bodhisattva ( writes:
This is a proteus/1 with a ProtoLogic board added. Giving you a whole lot of new sounds. From 192 presets to 319. These sounds are great, it's not an out front, lead player. But wow, for $200 you just can't beat it. Enough of everything to free up a lot of your other gear. 16 bit Sample playback. You can layer up to eight seperate sounds or have up to 8 splits. 6 assignable outs lets you really mold the sounds how you want them. If your keyboard has them, you can assign up to 10 data knobs, volume knobs, anything that sends a midi message to the Proteus' primary and secondary volume, attack, decay, release, crossfade, LFO1, LFO2, and AUX envelope parameters as well. Very impressive. 16 channel Multi-timbral, And in the manual it says; "Proteus has 32 independant audio channels which are utilized dynamically . With 32 channels and 319 presets, you have a universe of sonic textures at your disposal.

What more can be said. If you can find one, get it.

Comments About the Sounds:
Some very realistic sounds in here. Especially for the price.

(Thanks to Roshi Bodhisattva for this info.)

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