Freeze Machines - Frozen Reverb Instrument Racks For Live

Create beautiful soundscapes and textures with these custom Instrument Racks

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Sonicstate Freeze Machines are a set of Rack Instruments for Ableton Live created in collaboration with Divkid.
Priced at £9.99 (+ VAT where applicable).

Create wonderful, lush textures and atmospheres - simply play one of the 6 included Rack devices, turn up the send and freeze it. Build up more layers by adding more signal, then turn down the send and play over it. Additional sound sculpting parameters including Tonal Tilt, mapped to the 8 Macro controls.

System Requirements: Ableton Standard 9 with Operator, Analog and Electric instruments installed. Or Ableton Live Suite 9 up (these instruments are included).

Freeze Machines Features:
  • Five Instrument based Racks
    • Additive - three unique additive waveforms .
    • EP - Mellow electro-mechanical piano
    • PWM - (of course) PWM sound source with sub Osc and 12dB filter
    • Tri FM - 3 operator FM
    • Saw 5 - two oscillator sawtooth, second oscillator tuned to a fifth with a 24dB filter
  • FX Only - process external sound sources, or put across other virtual instruments
  • Common Parameters
    • Freeze Feed - amount of sent into the reverb
    • Freeze On/Off
    • Freeze level and Decay controls the FX level
    • Tonal Tilt - shapes the overal sound with a combination of drive and tilt EQ

Freeze Machines in Action (more coming soon)

  • Five instrument based Racks - utilising Analog, Operator and Electric
  • Process live inputs with an FX Only Rack
  • Create beautiful soundscapes and textures
  • Tweakable sound sources and reverb tones

For educational or site licenses, please contact us.

Download the Freeze Machines manual
Buy Freeze Machines
Live Instrument Racks

Buy Now   £9.99

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