SUPERBOOTH 2024: The Awards

US And the award goes to...      29/05/24

This year was the first year we put together a set of awards at Superbooth.

Having previously only done this at NAMM. Andy came up with a rather fetching Eurorack blank panel from Bleep Bloop in Bristol that we had printed with the design on one side (nice work Chris!) and mounted them in menu holders. It's not that we're cheap but hoofing them on an airplane focuses the mind on what you can reasonably carry, and these packed down to a very small footprint.

After much deliberation we narrowed the awards down the following:

Best Presenter - Chris Calc - Oberheim
Poly Synth - Oberheim - TEO-5 5 voice synthesizer
Best In Show - Torso Electronics - S4 Sculpting Sampler
Mono Synth - Sound Workshop - Wiggler Expressive Mono Synth
FX Processor - Erica Synths NightVerb
Best Modular - This Is Not Rocket Science  Geometric Anomaly Module
Value For Money - Wavy Industries Monkey
Best Beats - Analog Sweden - Crum 2 Drum Machine
Innovation - Love Synthesizers - First Love FM Synth
Studio & Recording - Rodec - MX Modular Mixer

We're sure people will have their own ideas on what would/should have won, we'd love to hear them.

Our full Superbooth 2024 playlist is available here:

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