Podcast: Sonic TALK 801 - Post Superbooth Debrief

US With Divkid, Gaz and Richard Nicol      23/05/24

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75:16 mins


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00:00:17 SHOW START
00:02:05 AD: SonicState Patreon
00:03:19 Hellos
00:13:25 Superbooth Walkabout
00:15:28 AD: iZotope Trash Re-Issue
00:17:38 Gaz highlights
00:27:36 Expression and the PolyBrute 12
00:29:32 Richard Nicol highlights and the VL2
00:37:43 Apollo View / Divkid Manic
00:46:29 AD: N.I. Guitar Rig Pro 7
00:49:22 Mad Sound Factory Drop
01:13:17 Win Stuff with Plogue

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