Synth Meet In Suffolk

US Sonitus synthesiser symposium takes place on 17 February at Old Jet Studios      25/01/18

Synth Meet In Suffolk

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The explosion in popularity of the Eurorack modular synthesiser format has seen new synth meets popping up all across the UK, the latest being Sonitus. The afternoon event is billed as a 'synthesiser symposium' and takes place on 17 February at Old Jet Studios, home of the famous Hush House jet-engine testing facility.

The team putting together Sonitus tells us that they have cast the net wide in their definition of synth meet, so as well as synth-lovers bringing their set-ups along for others to ogle and tweak, there's a second room dedicated to talks and performance – with appearances by Mira Calix (Warp), Luke Sanger (Bonus Round), TR-33N (Yo Sucka!) and Bitloader, the alias of Zoe Blade and Nina Richards, who are the brains behind the Stepper Acid module.

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