NAMM 2016: Earthquaker Devices 8 new pedals

The guys over at Earthquaker have been busy      22/01/16

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Ok busy is a bit of an understatement with eight new pedals being debuted at NAMM 2016...Earthquaker Devices rarely disappoint and have excelled yet again at pushing the limits of great sounding pedals.

1. Spires - dual fuzz - $195
2. Grey Channel - dual OD - $195
3. Acapulco Gold - cranked Sun Model T OD - $117
4. Bellows - fuzz driver - $145
5. Bows - Germanium booster - $145
6. Night Wire - harmonic tremolo - $195
7. Spatial Delivery - envelope filter - $195

The Avalanche Run will MAP at $295 as will be available in March 2016

Rob H

NAMM 2016 Kit:
Tascam DR-70D 4 Channel recorders

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