Podcast: Sonic TALK 424 - The Horror

Zynaptiq UnMIX, ACPAD, Halloween, Beardyman      29/10/15

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71:26 mins


Gaz Williams - producer, bassplayer and music technologist
Dave Spiers - GForce Software
Rich Hilton - Chic keyboards and Nile Rodgers' studio guy
Robbie Bronnimann - producer, composer, Howard Jones' MD



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We first look at the new Zynaptiq UNMIX, a tool for processing drums when in a mix, ACPAD MIDI controller for acoustic guitar, Halloween sounds and pranks, MOTUS motion music device and a bit of El Capitan talk.

Zynaptiq UNMIX
ACPAD - Acoustic guitar mounted MIDI controller
Halloween Sounds
MOTUS - musical motion thing

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Running Order
  • 00:00 Intro - including Gaz's Spoddy Cambridge Brain Boxes quote
  • 07:31 Zynaptiq UNMIX
  • 16:00 ACPAD acoustic guitar controller
  • 26:44 -- iZotope Competition
  • 29:24 Halloween sounds and scary sound design in general
  • 49:35 Beardyman
  • 53:15 MOTUS - motion music sensor device
  • 1:04:35 El Capitan issues? Firewire too


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