Podcast: Sonic TALK - With Guitar and Modular Editors

Musik Messe wrap with our other team members      24/04/15

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51:15 mins


Richard Beech - Sonic State Amped guitars editor

Edd Butterworth - Modular specialist and social content editor


As the final part of our team's coverage of Musik Messe 2015 (we do have more videos to come), Edd and Richard join me to discuss their impressions and highlights of the recent show.

All our videos are available on one big playlist, we'll be splitting them out into guitar/modular ones too once they are all online. Big thanks to all of our team for their efforts. As well as Richard and Edd, I'd like to thank Rob Hicks, Andy McCreeth, Fat Elvis and Eric Chambone who also put in a lot of hard work. Sepcial mention to SynthJam for additional Live Blog work.

Here are the timings and topics covered:

4:40 Messe impressions
9:40 Hughes and Ketner 6 channel amp
15:34 Edd's Modular highlights
20:10 Greenhouse Effects modular pedal board
23:40 Pittsburgh Modular Patch Box
26:50 Dreadbox pedals
28:40 Edds swag
34:40 TC Ditto Looper
36:00 collaborative design
37:30 make Noise Telharmonic
40:30 Boss SY300
45:36 Pittsburgh Game System
46:43 Patchblocks


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