MESSE13: BKE BeatThang - Beat Construction Demo

Reavis gets busy with the Beat Thang - Part 2 of 2      17/04/13

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If you haven't already caught Part 1 of this two-part Messe demo, check it out here, where BKE co-founder Reavis Mitchell gives us the news about the new price, software and sound packs for the Beat Thang.

This video is a demo of how to construct a groove from scratch on the Beat Thang.


.Andy McCreeth

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Blue Monster 65    Said...

I spent some time with the Beat Thang about a year ago and will attest that it was easy to use. I just wasn't particularly inspired by the sounds I was getting. You're supposed to be able to not only sample, but create new sounds from the existing ones onboard. I'd like to see that done sometime (other than the "tutorial" video I saw).

It really seems to be a powerful machine - I just couldn't get as far as I would have liked to in a short time.

I suppose at this new price point, one could buy it and put it through its paces before making a final decision.

18-Apr-13 08:33 AM


Once upon a time I owned a Beat Thang or 2 or 3 they crashed on me numerous times stuttered and took forever to load kits. I really wanted to believe in these guys but they let me down more than once I hope there new OS is bullet proof because it is a unique product and a greatly designed piece of hardware

18-Apr-13 11:27 PM

Blue Monster 65    Said...

They're supposed to be at Sweetwater's Gear Fest this June. I'll go over the developments with them them.

20-Apr-13 10:14 AM

Beat Maker    Said...

Best Stand Alone Beat Machine, right now. I go for it.

24-Apr-13 12:12 PM

randy    Said...

If it could load 3rd party sounds it would be a beast.

08-Jan-14 08:43 PM

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