Podcast: SONIC TALK 255 - Whats A Stochastic Synth?

Comsosƒ, EMIS synth cave, AudioGL, Klirrfaktor, synth programming from Moog      16/02/12

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71:40 mins

Rich Hilton  - From Nile Rodger’s private studio
Gaz Williams - producer, engineer and musician
Rob Puricelli - AKA Failedmuso
Nick Batt - editor Sonicstate.com

A new guest this week in the second show from the new studio - still ironing out a few gremlins - sorry about that folks. Audio stream only this week due to some encoding malfunctions.
We take a look at the Cosmosƒ a new stand-alone synth from Sonic-Lab, Pete Cannon gets kidnapped and taken to EMIS - a treasure trove of synths, AudioGL - the amazing looking 3D music composition software goes for crowd-funding.
We also enjoy a great piece of modular synth use from KlirrFaktor and a quick look at Moog’s new fundamentals of synth programming series

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