Akai Announces Next Generation MPCs

New models include the MPC Renaissance, MPC Studio and MPC Fly for iPad2      05/01/12
Akai Pro has revealed that the next generation of their MPC Music Production Controller is coming soon. Three new models are mentioned on their website. Details of the MPC Studio, a slimline unit, will be released with product videos next week, while the MPC Fly, for the iPad2, will follow a week later. In the meantime we have a video and details on the MPC Renaissance. Here's what Akai has to say about it...
Fusing Akai Professional's legendary MPC layout and workflow with the power of your computer, MPC Renaissance is an unrivaled instrument for music production. The new flagship is a fully integrated hardware/software system: MPC Renaissance allows you to create using classic hardware controls and an integrated pop-up display, while it's exclusive MPC Software empowers you with unprecedented, expandable production capabilities on your Mac or PC.
MPC Renaissance Hardware Features
  • Fuses legendary MPC production with the processing power of your computer
  • Vintage Mode changes output sound character to MPC3000, MPC60 and more
  • 16 backlit genuine MPC pads, 16 Q-Link controls, and adjustable backlit LCD screen
  • Classic MPC Note Repeat, MPC Swing and MPC transport controls
  • MPC SOFTWARE for Mac or PC with 64-track sequencing capability
  • Two XLR-1/4" combo inputs and dedicated turntable input
  • Four-channel US B 2.0 audio interface and two-port US B 2.0 hub built in
  • Up to eight pad banks--more than any other MPC ever
  • Two MIDI inputs and four MIDI outputs
  • Stereo 1/4" out, stereo assignable mix 1/4" out & S/PDIF I/O
MPC Software features
  • 64-track sequencing capability
  • Massive 6GB+ sound library, including all of the sounds of the classic MPC3000
  • Instant mapping and real-time adjustment of VST plug-ins
  • Record each track as an MPC drum program, Keygroup program or VST plug-in
  • Runs standalone and as VST, AU or RTAS plug-in
  • Supports WAV, MP3, AIFF, REX and SND
  • Supports samples and sequences from any MPC ever made
  • Mac and PC-compatible
Sonic State will bring you more news when we get the official press releases.
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Nick B    Said...

Akai are remaining tight lipped about this, I did try to squeeze the pricing and availablity out of my contacts there, but no dice. Namm will presumbaly give us the opportunity to put some more pointy questions

05-Jan-12 06:21 AM

Koshdukai    Said...

ah, now I understand why it looked so bulky on the email pic this morning. It's also an audio and MIDI interface, besides being a controller.

Ok, nice :) ...guess the price will tell us how much of these boxes will Akai sell, then :)

05-Jan-12 06:28 AM

Nick B    Said...

And when they are available, the Synthstation 49 still hasnt shipped

05-Jan-12 07:10 AM

geo303    Said...

And when they actually work properly, remember the MPC4000 and 5000 launches. Though I really hope Akai get this right from the start as it looks like an awesome product.

05-Jan-12 04:41 PM

Adam Bailey    Said...

That 1,2,3 sample got annoying real quick.

05-Jan-12 11:10 PM

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