Underworld To Score Olympic Opening Ceremony

US Musical directors working with Danny Boyle      07/12/11

Underworld To Score Olympic Opening Ceremony

Traditionally the Olympic Opening Ceremony is the pinnacle of live event production, combining music and theatrical spectacle - a sort of Vegas show on steroids. Spain laid down the gauntlet and really pushed the boat out back in '92, and now every host nation gets to flex their showbiz muscles.

As people who put on a rocking good show themselves, Underworld's Karl Hyde and Rick Smith would seem like  pretty good candidates. And when it was known that director Danny Boyle was to be given the role of Artistic Director for the event, the choice seemed obvious:

Danny Boyle said:

"Appointing Underworld to direct the music in the Olympic Opening Ceremony is the final piece of the jigsaw for the team of leading British creatives who will deliver the ceremonies"

Underworld have had a long creative relationship with Danny, providing the scores for A Life less Ordinary, The Beach, Sunshine  and of course the signature track from Trainspotting - "Born Slippy".

  Karl Hyde said: ‘We want to leave people with a musical memory of the show rather than a purely visual one. It's a great honour to be asked to do this and one we’re taking very seriously – it’s certainly not something we'll get the chance to do again.’

Roll on July 27th 2012...


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