Podcast: SONIC TALK 188 - And Vinyly - Mind Control

GnR, Mattel Mind Flex, MosKeyTo- Vince Pro-One      09/09/10

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61:34 mins

This podcast was recorded live via Ustreamyou can watch the whole recording right there.


    Rich Hilton -  from camp Chic where he mans the controls for Nile Rodgers' private studio. 
    Dave Spiers - GforceSoftware.com
   Mark Tinley - sound artist and creative thinker


This week Rich Hilton has possibly the most expensive signal path Skype has ever known, as he joins us from Chic HQ, we talk of the  Guns n Roses Dublin O2 gig, then the amazing Mind Controlled synth from Robert Schneider, the morbid AndVinyly.com, Vince Clarke's Analog Monologue, ten reasons your live sound may suck and the Apollo headset.


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talkinape    Said...

nick, all the sonic state show note links are 404ing

09-Sep-10 10:48 AM

KingVidiot    Said...

Yep, links are toast.

09-Sep-10 09:13 PM

JDK    Said...

Regardless of the links.

Has anybody ever brought up the insane amount of over compression/limiting used on Nicks end to the point of complete and total modulation?

12-Sep-10 10:11 PM

JDK    Said...

Regardless of the links.

Has anybody ever brought up the insane amount of over compression/limiting used on Nicks end to the point of complete and total modulation?

12-Sep-10 10:13 PM

Nick B    Said...

yes they have, and as a result I reconfigured the processing chain. Each channel (studio, skype) has a 3:1 compression, noise gate plus limiter on the output.

Sometimes, due to level inconsistencies on the guest side - we have to apply a little more than I would like.

13-Sep-10 02:32 AM

JDK    Said...

Nick, your podcast as great as it is....is SO much louder than any other podcast out there.

It's over compressed to the point of not only modulation but border line distortion.

You seem to be treating it like an musical audio chain....it's not.

You don't need to use a compressor, noise gate, and limiter.

How do I know this?

1. Listen to ANY other podcast out there.

2. Working in News radio and as a sound engineer.....all you need for a podcast is a limiter. Of course you could use a compressor......but just pick ONE and go with it.

Clearly you're not the only one using Skype for podcasting....but you are the only one that I can tell who's over compressing the hell out of the podcast.

Need proof?

Download 10 random podcasts from iTunes including your own (also downloaded from itunes) then throw then all through a decent speaker system.

You will notice, without any doubt, how much yours stands out.....and not in a good way.

Hope you don't take this the wrong way because I'm a huge fan and long time listener......I'm just getting tired of you almost blowing my speakers out every time the show starts.

15-Sep-10 03:31 PM

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