MESSE06:Get the Real SSL Sound Over FireWire

US Duende gives you 32 instances using genuine SSL components      10/04/06

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MESSE06:Get the Real SSL Sound Over FireWire
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SSL is a hot brand right now - you’ve only got to check the credits of half the current pop and R&B album charts to see how big a role it plays in the sounds of this century. Indeed, Waves recent SSL bundle emulating the legendary sound is proving to be a hot ticket, the plug-ins doing a sterling job of emulating various channel strip functions. However, SSL themselves have just announced Duende which actually is the SSL sound and not an emulation. What is Duende? Well, aside from [A mysterious power which everyone senses and no philosopher explains. - Goethe’s definition while speaking of Paganini don’t you know?], it’s a powerful DSP platform designed to bring console-grade audio processing from within your DAW – assuming it runs on a Mac that is. Algorithms taken from the award winning SSL C-series console no less, running on four Sharc DSPs, connected to your host (yep Mac only for now - PC version comming this Autumn) using the latest DICE II FireWire chipset. Featuring classic SSL EQ sections from the E and G series consoles, channel dynamics and of course, the one that everyone wants, the Bus Compressor from the SSL 4000 G series, to “stick your audio together like glue�, the plug-ins don’t put any strain on your host CPU as they all run on the 19 rack-mount unit. The parameters are edited via the VST/AU plug-in interface on the host DAW software Product Specifications
Duende offers up to 32 channels of SSL signal processing and supports sample rates from 44.1kHz to 96kHz.
    Minimum System Requirements:
  • Apple Macintosh G4 or G5 (933MHz or higher)
  • OSX 10.4.4
  • 512Mb of RAM
  • 60Mb of free hard drive space
  • 1024 X 768 screen resolution
  • One available FireWire 400 port
  • Recommended VST, AudioUnit or RTAS host application*
Apple’s Logic Pro 7, Steinberg’s Cubase SX3 and Nuendo 3, Mark of the Unicorn’s Digital Performer. Digidesign’s Pro Tools LE 7 and HD 7 through the use of VST-RTAS wrapper.

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