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 Yamaha HS-50M At a Glance  
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Arnold writes:
Yamaha's new HS50M powered monitors were designed to be true studio reference monitors in the tradition of the famous NS10Ms. When choosing your next pair of near field reference monitors, remember it's not just important that they sound good - they have to be an honest reference for your mix. The new HS50M reference monitors were designed to give you exceptionally flat response so you can really trust what you hear. That means that mixes that sound good on Yamaha HS50M speakers will sound good on anything.

Good Points
Great flat response monitors! I can say they have the most realistic sounding bass I've ever heard. The timber of the bass instruments are so real there is nothing to touch them in Hi-Fi or pro-audio market in this respect. Bass intruments also sound very tunefull. I had a chance to hear HS80Ms as well. Their bass reproduction even go deeper and they have a bigger sound. They are very revealing so only the best recorded meterials will sound great on them. These monitor speakers are very nice for small home studios. Used in conjunction with a good mixing board -lets say Mackie- will provide any set up with it's own unique sound. They sound almost nothing like NS10s. The high/mids are impressive and definately crystal clear. The bass is improved and the stereo imaging is comparable. These things look like toys but sound like $1000 near-fields.
Bad Points
Acoustic piano and some vocal recordings sound bright and thin on HS50. Mixes done on the HS50s translate well, not as well as NS10s. I found mixes to be a little "shy" on the high-end. Although, a quick adjustment on the back of the unit fixed this problem.

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