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arrowReleased: 1996  arrowVersion: 0.00
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djcu writes:
its a 24/48 channel inline 8 buss recording console . Most are comming standard with meter bridge . Your probably wondering how it stacks up against a similar 8 buss and the answer is very well indeed . In comparison to a a mackie 24.8 it is probably as good a mixer in terms of build quality and sound quality . It has a different sonic fingerprint compared to the mackie but in my opinion not better or worse . It sounds pretty good , looks great , seems well built and so far everything works as it should . Im quite glad I didnt pay the extra $$$ for an almost identical mixer in terms of a spirit/mackie . Bottom line , its cheap , it works , its no worse than other 8 busses in the price range

Good Points
Price , its really cheap , about half the price of a comparative mackie once you have bargained with the store . Nice clean sound with excelent frequency response , good noise floor , well laid out and designed , beefy powersupply , strong and well built .
Bad Points
No parametric eq , the majority of connections are un balanced , uses a single ICB , can have quite high distortion characteristics if not setup properly , its not a ssl or an amek but you get what you pay for . Its assembled in china .

 Behringer Eurodesk MX8000A Specifications:

Digital IOs:
Analog IOs:
24/48 mic or line
Midi IOs:
Other IOs:
6 stereo returns 2 track in
Busses/Subgroups: 8
Aux sends: 6 aux sends
2 hi/lo shelving , 2 swept mids (semi parametric)
Software supported:
none , its hardware
expander port accesss to link to 2nd eurodesk/other mixer

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