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Tony a hobbyist user from UK writes:
To Doug, Yes you can load music CD's into the AW16G and load the songs but not sure if it seperates the tracks. Havnt tried it yet.

To Eicullucie, Are you recording via Bus recording, becuase this will make all tracks sterio and will not make it possible for you to adjust mix down volumns of each track afterwards. Try track recording and allign inputs (1-8)to tracks (1-16). Sorry if i have not understood your question. Hope i was of some help.

posted Tuesday, 23-Mar-10 at 5:11
robert rutherford a hobbyist user from canada writes:
I would like to get instructions on using the effects library's # 41 multi filter. Where can I go for a description of how I can set this up in input on the aw16G recorder. Maybe I need some more knowledge of basic principles of filtering terms.


posted Monday, 08-Feb-10 at 17:31
keith a Professional user from usa writes:
had my unit for 5 years. had to put the book down and just puch buttons and knobs. it will promp u most the time before you trash a song or a take. i have found $200,000 monitor desk easier to use than this thing. read the first 30 pages of the book and throw it away. i keep my set to record a vocal track and guitar track when writing songs. than just record it to a cd recorder or tape deck or pc. the mix down process is really hard to understand and the book makes it more difficult to understand. i love the fx library that you can save and have it come up on the new song. if u want east go to protools or some other pc usb type system. when this thing first came out pc recording was expensive and pc's were not really powerful enough for the home user.

posted Tuesday, 25-Aug-09 at 11:45
Cas a part-timer user from US and of A writes:
Once I have recorded lets say tracks 1-9 .How can I export using the 1-16 option and have all the tracks seperated as wav. files on 1 cd ??

Right now I am burning each track individually on to 1 cd ea .Which leads to having 10 cds with 1 wav on each

For What....I am trying to take all my wav files to another studio with pro tools for final mix downs.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 10-Jun-09 at 12:10
Doug a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I have owned my aw16g for a couple of years but only recently took it out of the box. My question: can you load an over-the-counter CD into the CD drive and isolate the various tracks to hear each alone?

posted Monday, 30-Mar-09 at 14:9
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