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pad11 a Professional user from USA writes:
sorry, forgot to add the score, which is really a 9.5

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Thursday, 03-Oct-02 at 14:50
pad11 a Professional user from USA writes:
well what can I say about these other than 'hands-down best bang for the buck'. I had Mackie 824's, which are simply beautiful monitors, they were too much for the space and type of room I work in. The extended bass response and loud projection (even at low monitoring volumes) was very ear-fatiguing, as I had no choice but to be closer to them than the average studio owner. So I had to make a change and after looking into Tannoys, the B-Truths and the Alesis M1mk2, I opted for the latter and my mixes never sounded better. They're just unbelieveable for a $400/pair set of monitors.

The mid-range does seems a tiny bit buried (though not muddy) while the bass and highs are tight and crisp, without the exagerated boosts. I was so afraid of downgrading from the Mackies and kicking myself for it, but after a couple of weeks adjusting to these, I'm extremely pleased at the results. Alesis M1mk2 Actives are one fine set of speakers.

I will eventually get some Mackies again should I relocate to a more appropriate mixing environment, although I'll keep the M1's next to them, a perfect reference balance!

posted Thursday, 03-Oct-02 at 14:41
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