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machine gun from usa writes:
They sound nice and are easy to get to know. My other speakers are NS10's and really can't compare the two. These have been my main monitors for years. They let you get into the music pretty far (not like pro monitors do though), but very good for how much they cost. The amp matters a lot. Match these with a real amplifier to hear what they can do.

I don't see it worth upgrading to anything less then Genelec or equivalent from these. They are that good with a good amp. However don't "move" as easily as good actives do.

High frequencies are very pleasant on these. And visitors will compliment them on their looks too.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Sunday, 22-May-11 at 23:28
bengo a part-timer user from uk writes:
i have to say they really are very low on bass, i was churning out tunes for ages before taking them out of the room, and when i did the bass honked and thundered even on my teeny mission m71 speakers in the sitting room. they also dont really open up and give you clarity like most monitors, and there isnt much consistency in how mixes sound on other stereos. partly a failing of my own i'm sure but i'm going to take a gamble and buy some ridiculously expensive actives now some money is coming in and see if i can get transportable mixes...

Rating: 5 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 28-Sep-05 at 16:56
JohNy C a Professional user from USA writes:
Forgot to add my rating. 9.5 out of 10 for these bad boys. For the money, they can't be touched.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Monday, 02-Aug-04 at 18:0
Got the Tannoy Reveal Passives with an amp for $270 used. Honestly, they are simply amazing. And since I saved a boat load of money, I went to go pick-up a pair of new Bx5's for secondary monitoring. The Tannoys simply kick ass. THey have a very flat response and gives great imaging. If you can make these speakers sound good, then you know you have got yourself a good mix.

posted Monday, 02-Aug-04 at 17:58
Peter Duminy (Loudspeaker Designer) a Professional user from Canada writes:
I first saw the Tannoy Reveal at the Channel M TV Studios here in Vancouver, and was told

by their Cheif Enginner how good they are. Well, he was right! The styling is quite stunning in

my book, and the woodwork is beautifully done considering the price. The sound is smooth

and sweet with a wonderfully textured detail. I can listen for hours upon hours, and at quite

high levels, and never feel any listener's fatigue. The bass is rich and quite deep, with superb

pace and timing. Midrange, is very balanced, with a finesse and character that makes voices

so lifelike, that one sometimes has to look around the room for the person. I found spending

an afternoon positioning the speakers carefully in the listening room paid of huge rewards in

superb pinpoint imaging. If your choice for a loudspeaker is for a neutral, truthful, sounding

studio monitor, then you have found your pot of gold with this superb product by Tannoy.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Sunday, 01-Aug-04 at 10:12
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