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paul a Professional user from USA writes:
I think anyone how say the ns10 speaker sounds that bad, really does not understand what a nearfiled monitor is suposed to be. Too many kids get the impression that they are the same thing as what you might jam the home stereo with... there not!!!! i love them..they are flat, which is how you want to mix. trust me, if you mix too hot, ( low/hi) you'll be sorry. the best thing-ns10m!!!!!!!

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Thursday, 14-Apr-05 at 1:58
James from Canada writes:

I agree with your opinion in the "If they sound good on these babies, they'll sound good anywhere" I mix alot of mixes on my 4 1/2 X 9" speaker from my 1966 Caddy Coupedeville. If it sounds good there it will sound good anywhere. haha. I do like NS 10's tho. Too expensive for what they are designed for "in my opinion" I would love a pair but for the price I would rather expand my sound card.


posted Thursday, 08-Jul-04 at 20:33
Dickycolin a Professional user from South Africa writes:
Hey Ive been using NS-10's for many years aswell as various other monitors. And I find them to be very accurate. The statment "If it sounds good on these babies, it will sound good anywhere" is in my opinion 100% I will not let a mix go without referencing them on NS-10s first, Ok they roll off at 60Hz but I would expect any studio worth its salt should have a decent sub, and as far as ear fatigue goes Ive comfortably worked on NS-10's for 8-12 hours solid before and noticable fatigue so stop crying and appreciate a great set of speakers.

posted Monday, 26-May-03 at 9:33
Ryan a hobbyist user from USA writes:
Just to comment on the low end of these speakers. The specs say they go down to 60hz. They do. However there is significant roll off below 100hz. I run the outs from my amp to a sub and set the low pass to 100hz. This sounds a lot better. Check out this article for some info on the high end of the speakers:

Rating: 7 out of 10 posted Friday, 21-Feb-03 at 12:26
yes,it lacks the bass,but it truly reflects what ur mix on the common users' listening situation in most case.remember to pull back the lo-eq b4 u really mix down to tape/hd.ur mix may already has the low tho u can't excatly hear it if u don't push it on the mixer when ur mixing and monitoring at the yammy.mine is fine,its discontinued and quite expensive here.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 01-Jan-03 at 6:30
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