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chris / shelfy from harrow writes:
had it one year now.

DO not buy one unless its dirt cheap. I still think its ace for the price but the limited options for mixdown compression suck,as already outlined, and for 50 pounds more than I paid, You can now get the 16 track version...8 track simultaneous record, two sends per channel aswell as internal digital FX. If you never use say more than 6 tracks its ideal, but otherwise quite limiting.

posted Thursday, 30-Jan-03 at 10:30
shelfman a hobbyist user from uk writes:
one annoying thing...the master / mixdown effects only apply to tracks 7 and 8 so if U wanna compress all 8 tracks at bloody well can't

posted Monday, 05-Aug-02 at 10:2
chris patterson from harrow-UK writes:
Excellent machine. bounce 1-6 onto 7/8 and add another 6 so it's effectively 12 track digital, bloody good for less than 500 pounds. Plan sessions well and it's a very high quality versatile set of tools.Like Nigel said, it's a nuisance not having auxillary in/outs so you might need to get your effects spot on and record "wet" first. i'm used to a four track tape so I absolutey love this machine. If any one knows of any "user groups" etc please mail me.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Wednesday, 02-Jan-02 at 6:12
robert from USA writes:
little difficult to figure out at first, manual is of little help, but what's new,......interesting product,....not a true 8 track,......... 1-6 need to be bounced to 7 -8 and then you can start over w/ 1-6, so i guess you can get actually 12 tracks,..but then again, you have no way to control the mixed signals on 7-8 as independant sources,.......also you can only use the effects unit as one effect at a time,....i.e., cant have a reverb on tracks 1 and 2, and a chorus on track 4,'s one or the other. but you can put any effect on as many tracks as you like at once,.....except 7/8, these can only use the mastering effects. spo alot of limits, but also alot of power and quality sound for the $$$$$$$$$ fun to use.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Monday, 18-Jun-01 at 13:15
Nigel Tapley a part-timer user from Ireland writes:
A Great buy for anyone who wants an easy to use, affordable digital multitracker. Only problem, no aux sends etc. If you just want to record then process audio on a pc then this is your best bet

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Monday, 07-May-01 at 12:50
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