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Henry Oliveras from usa writes:
Well, after a year off my FD-8 I finally went on Ebay and got an Iomega 250. I decided to try to put out my first CD with it and am having some problems. What Hard drives can I use, if any? What computers and computer programs can I use with it? I have a HP and Cakewalk Music Creator and am trying to find a way to transport from the Iomega to Cakewalk. Anyone know how? As for a rating. Fostex company sucks and the product is indeed not practical in that it cannot endure. I do like that it calls for a seperate drive but also find that the company has terrible customer service. I give them a bigtime 0

posted Wednesday, 29-Dec-04 at 14:23
home recording artist a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I also bought the fostex FD-8 believeing I could record 8 tracks at once. Not true at all. However it is still a very useful unit that can be had at a steal on the used market. Good features include full digital I/O complements of ADAT in and out which can also double as SPDIF in and out. Also the FD-8 features essentially the same recorder component as the stand alone VR800. I find it far more useful than the VR800 becuase it has a fairly decent analog mixer built in and has acceptable sound quality when recording from the analog ins. My unit has an internal 4 gig hard drive which is plenty large for me but I am also disapointed in fostex's choice to use a nonstandard IDE ribbon.

Overall I do recomend the FD-8 to people looking for a decent recorder to use in a lower budget home project studio. It does have some great features for next to nothing on the used market.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Sunday, 15-Aug-04 at 19:18
tr a Professional user from US writes:
I like my FD-8. It works for a limited style of recording technique, but it can produce good results if you work around its limitations. My biggest beef is with Fostex. I will probably never buy another Fostex because they give horrible support. I wanted to use the Castlewood ORB drive with my FD-8. Fostex said "no way". We don't support it. Gotta use an Iomega product (Zip or Jaz) or SyQuest. But SyQuest's out of business and the Jaz has a high failure rate. So I ignored them, bought the FD-8 and asked the guy at the music store if I could drop my own hard drive in (none of their stock had drives.) He said sure.. got it home, couldn't do it until it was out of warranty. So I got the Orb, 4, 5 years later, they still work without any significant problems. An internal drive would make the FD-8 more portable, so I contacted Craptex again. We don't carry parts to add a hard drive; you'll have to look for a used FD-8 with a drive on E-Bay. WHY DID FOSTEX USE A NON-STANDARD IDE RIBBON TO CONNECT A HARD DISK DRIVE TO THE FD-8? BECAUSE THEY CARE ABOUT THE MONEY, AND DON'T CARE ABOUT THE CUSTOMER!!!!!!!!! I give the FD-8 an "8", but Fostex a "NEGATIVE 2!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Rating: 3 out of 10 posted Sunday, 07-Mar-04 at 23:21
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