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cbass a part-timer user from US writes:
I realize this is a AW 4416 forum but I have a 2816 and have never had a problem with it (Knock On Wood). Recorded an album with it that has gotten great reviews. It does take a bit of learning though, but once you get it down the fun begins. Initially when you start trying things out with it, don't get frustrated. Keep working with it and you'll get to ubderstand how to get around.

I'm no expert but if there are any questions drop me a line maybe I can help.



posted Monday, 23-Aug-04 at 20:58
Denver Morgan a part-timer user from norway writes:
I just got the machine but i think its really great it does have a little learning curve so be prepared theres a lot of support on the web that really can help ease you into the thing my recomendation is take advantage of it

posted Monday, 23-Aug-04 at 17:2
yammy always treat users as a more os update,still a buggy crap.only the 24bit sound worthwhile,thats why it dropped pric ridiculously.better to get a second hand no more than $500,cuz u can get a proper digi mixer around $700-800 brand new today,and yes,i still think this is just a good digimixer,daw?no way.for the expensive new price on aw4416,it deserve a 1 rating.period.

Rating: 1 out of 10 posted Sunday, 11-Jul-04 at 14:24
I have had a aw for about 3 years. I am satisfied with the sound -its great!!! The backside of the unit is this. Yamaha was pathetic in its ability to share how how to use it. It took along time figuring it out almost a year. The manual was almost useless. smile

posted Sunday, 11-Jul-04 at 12:0
Lance Lindley a hobbyist user from Italy writes:
Helluva learning curve, but once you mess with it for a few weeks and put into practice each of the features, it is worth the effort. It's a DAW, so of course the sound quality of raw tracks is as good as you put into it, but when you start to mix it down, with its EQs, dynamics, onboard effects, etc., it's got a dynamite sound. I had been using Cubase and a Korg D8, and while I still think on a "perfect" computer Cubase or Pro Tools is probably the far preferable setup, I have far less problems with the AW and the sound is far superior (of course) to the consumer-level Korg (not a fair comparison, of course). The automation quickly becomes a "how did I live without it" feature and the "undo/redo" is a life-saver. I have a few niggling complaints, especially the lack of optical I/O as a standard feature ($300 for the add-in card????) and the wave editing is far, far easier on a computer; it's also slow to master CDs compared with a PC. I also wish I could save more than one stereo master onboard per song. But, all-in-all, I'm well satisfied for the $1500 I paid for a used one.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Monday, 15-Mar-04 at 6:46
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