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petey-g from US writes:
The mixer on this thing is amazing. THe routing capabilities on this beast blow my mind. I agree with DigitalCold, this thing is worth it for the mixer alone. The recorder is nice, and so is the automation, but I find myself recording directly to the computer more then multi-tracking and editing on there. For what it does, this thing is cheap second hand ($1500 is reasonable for a non-expanded unit).

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Monday, 18-Nov-02 at 13:42
DigitalCold a part-timer user from USA writes:
Don't get all mad because you paid $3500 for something that was very buggy at the beginning (and still has some shit to iron out.) I paid $1500 for this beast and like I said earlier, the digital mixer section on it alone is worth that much. I have read and talked to pro studios that have completed full projhects with only this and mic-pres. And, as I can see, there are alot of other happy users out there. If you hate it so much, then why don't you sell the damn thing to someone who can put some real use to it instead of complaining about it? Get a life man. Like I said in my review, it can still use work (O.S. wise.) But other than that, it is all there. I have been using Yamaha gear for YEARS and I am a satisfied Yamaha customer. So don't try to tell me. For $1500, if you use the damn mixer section and the effects blocks, you have used more than your moneys worth. Yammyevil, go buy a damn computer and click your mouse for hours. I am enjoying my Aw and will enjoy it for a long time to come. Oh, and if your using it as a sampler, than you just better get a life. THat was just an added feature, nothing to go crazy with at all. You loser.

Rating: 10 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 15-Oct-02 at 18:38
yammyevilyammygod writes:
hey cold,ur happy too early,u must remember u just used it one week til now...later u will find data lost,sound skipped w/o reasons,only export one single mon wav on one cdr,memory exhausted but u just may recording one song...i've been using this crap near 2 years,and yammy only update the o.s. very little,many bugs still there.maybe u think ur the lucky user who got 30 free disks...(tho i didn't but i won't be jealous or...greedy)can compensate all those inconvenience/non-user-friendly operations on ur aw4416?? one fact,u can see them released aw2816, cover the budget-minded users,and i experienced they just cared more about the 2816/16g users than us(the aw4416 first shipment users)..they gave newer o.s. to 2816,then held a long while then just updated the step to the same o.s. of 2816,but,in fact both still got many bugs! anyway,welcome to crappy yammy gears and good luck,and love ur tiny thinny rs7k til end.period.

Rating: 1 out of 10 posted Monday, 14-Oct-02 at 2:58
DigitalCold a part-timer user from USA writes:
Wow, where should I start. Well, I just picked up this peice about a week ago and let me tell you, it is first off, overwhelming with features. Second, the learning curve is rather high but with the optional Vido or DVD, no problem to get started recording. If you have quite a bit of experience with routing and recording, then you should really have no problem getting started. Then, all you have to do is mess around for a while and read the manual and you will learn the "deep" features of this MONSTER.

Honestly, for the price I paid ($1500 USD) nothing can compare. I use to record onto a PowerMac through an Even EZbus which together cost me around $1800 and that seriously can't even come close to touching the rock solid, AWSOME sounding, appeal of the Aw.

But, there are some pretty bad flaws. For one, the editing can use some MAJOR re-work. Luckily I will not be doing major editing considering I am all MIDI based recording. But, when I start recording local bands and Vocalists, then It is going to be harder to edit stuff. But, it still works, just takes alittle more time. I am positive in Yamaha that this will be updated on their next OS update.

Other than that minor flaw so far, everything else that I have used is amazing. For the price that they are going for used, there is no reason why any home studio or even project studio shouldn't be using one. For goodness sakes, it is a MINI O3D in there! Yamaha, I am very impressed. To top it all off, Yamaha online saport is great. All I had to do was register the the Aw online (which took a matter of minutes) and they are sending me an OS update on CD AND 30 free CD-R's to get me going! Thanks Yam. And no, I don't work for Yamaha! hehe. But, if you walked into my studio you would think that I am sponsored by them or something. I now own the Aw4416, the Rs7000 (which I love more than my girl friend), and the Yamaha An1x.

Iam giving it an 8 becuase it loses 2 points for the minor OS quirks that can VERY EASily be fixed by Yamaha in the very near future.

Rating: 8 out of 10 posted Sunday, 13-Oct-02 at 16:22
Bob Barry from USA writes:
the AW4416 is quite a remarkable tool for recording midi based-demos to full-blown studio work. The learning curve is quite large, though and certainly a daunting piece of hardware to master (especially for those making the jump from more modest home-recording)... the pains one takes to learn however, are richly rewarded. Sonically, the AW4416 has no peer. The effects are also very good but limited unless you get the waves y56k card (price keeps coming down on that patient!)A fantastic platform with the anbility to expand and grow with the user's abilities.

Rating: 9 out of 10 posted Tuesday, 12-Feb-02 at 14:49
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