MESSE 2015: Demo of Polyphony on the BOSS SY-300 Guitar Synth

Alex Hutchings demos the pedal's full capabilities   16-Apr-15

    MP4 3:59 mins    

The announcement of the BOSS SY-300 guitar synth was certainly one of the biggest stories in the guitar world on the first day of MESSE 2015.

We shot two videos with BOSS demonstrator Alex Hutchings yesterday - an explainer video, and a demo of the pedal's polyphonic capabilities set to a backing track.

This is the latter of those two videos - with Alex demonstrating his chops in full flow.

The selling point of the pedal is that it offers polyphonic tracking without the use of a Hex, you can just use a normal jack cable with any standard set of guitar pickups.

Alex gives some good examples of polyphonic tracking in the video above.

Filmed by Nick Batt
Written by Richard Beech.

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