Best Effects Pedals 2014: SonicState Gear Of The Year Awards

See which pedals our panel chose as the top pedals this year   30-Dec-14

3) Strymon Deco

Strymon have absolutely nailed the market for studio-quality ambient effects in a stompbox. They're huge in the Praise and Worship world, but the Strymon Deco had a very different target audience - so it's no wonder that a few people didn't really get it.

It's an all-in-one rockabilly machine; a time travel device that's stuck on the year 1954.

Allowing for anything from slap back echo, to tape style flange, to emulation of double stracking sounds, plug a hollow-body electric into this bad boy (Bigsby compulsary) and play some Buddy Holly or Carl Perkins to your heart's content.

Strymon have also done a good job of emulating tape saturation in the form of a pedal.

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