WNAMM12: Slap Bass And Percussion In One Instrument

It's the Slaperoo!   18-Jan-12

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Have you ever had the desire to play the Seinfeld theme tune on both bass guitar and percussion simultaneously? Most people have, and a guy named Andy Graham has invented an instrument to facilitate that primal desire.

The Slaperoo is an electric tuned percussion instrument, in other words, it's an electric percussion instrument that you can also play melody on. You can plug it into your pedal rig and amp, and create some crazy sounds, as Andy demonstrates in the video above.

The video above is a preview of the instrument, we will be visiting Andy later on during the show to find out his process for inventing the Slaperoo.

Apologies for the occasional crackles on the audio, it's the first day of NAMM and we are ironing out the kinks in the system!

More info – Slaperoo.com

Rich Beech



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deadmau5    Said...

"Have you ever had the desire to play the Seinfeld theme tune on both bass guitar and percussion simultaneously?"


19-Jan-12 12:34 PM

StuE    Said...

omg same

19-Jan-12 12:39 PM

David Guetta    Said...

You suck

19-Jan-12 12:39 PM

Ed    Said...


19-Jan-12 12:40 PM

Pr0z    Said...

Did you know mountain dew can melt a rat?

19-Jan-12 12:40 PM

Trolllols    Said...


19-Jan-12 12:40 PM

tiesto    Said...

Wuts going on here

19-Jan-12 12:41 PM

@scottyboost    Said...

oh Deadmau5...

19-Jan-12 12:43 PM

Meowingtons    Said...

Go to bed, Joel

19-Jan-12 12:47 PM

Paris Hilton    Said...

I want that

19-Jan-12 12:53 PM

Guetta    Said...

I suck

19-Jan-12 12:56 PM

kim    Said...

go to bed Joel

19-Jan-12 12:56 PM

LMFAO    Said...

Hey Guetta! You me, and my uncle have something in common!

19-Jan-12 12:56 PM

Skrillex fan    Said...

Waiting for the drop.

19-Jan-12 01:03 PM

Cole Meierstein    Said...

He just melted my face of. *drool*

19-Jan-12 01:50 PM

Cole Meierstein    Said...

He just melted my face off. *drool*

19-Jan-12 01:51 PM

Skrillex    Said...

Everybody shut the fok up.

I <3 u

19-Jan-12 01:53 PM

Jerry    Said...

Whatsss up with thatttttttttt

19-Jan-12 02:09 PM

Frontier    Said...

with all the synths and stuff out today, seems kinda outdated already. I would have no use for that in my studio lol.

19-Jan-12 02:18 PM

Skrillmau5    Said...

U still married?

19-Jan-12 02:59 PM

Zedd    Said...

<3 you too skril ;)

19-Jan-12 03:16 PM


I can't hear SHIT

19-Jan-12 03:49 PM

Wrillez Basics    Said...

Finally! There's the shower curtain I've been looking for! Where do I order?

19-Jan-12 04:00 PM

Amped Editor    Said...

I'll take Skrillex and deadmau5 in a slap bass percussion led dance-off any day of the week. David Guetta can f*** off though.

Nah, we love you Dave.

19-Jan-12 04:31 PM

Etienne    Said...

So i'll leave the second constructive comment, you sir have a great stair ramp, and a great mindfck instrument

19-Jan-12 04:32 PM

Dylan fox    Said...

Constructive comments are weak. Ps Joel, remember the ustream where u told everybody to vote for u in shorties awards and u went up two places in like 3 minutes? U shld do that in efforts to get more people to act out against the SOPA/PIPA, it needs to be revised. I'm against piracy, not freedom.. Hbu?

20-Jan-12 12:49 AM

Chuck Testa    Said...


20-Jan-12 02:42 PM

@CarmineDGA    Said...

Where the tiesto deadmau5 song?! Where the second part to I remember?! What's the beef between you and kaskade make a fucking song together!!! Also in regards to Morgan page!!!

Im going to bed

20-Jan-12 09:55 PM

@CarmineDGA    Said...

Ah and where is the the song with imogenheap?!

20-Jan-12 09:57 PM

Chuck Norris    Said...

I'm the best DJ in the world....oh wait....

21-Jan-12 06:25 AM

KP    Said...

I like cheese.

22-Jan-12 07:38 AM

Pretender FooFighterFreak    Said...

1-23-12 My pal, BILLY SHEEHAN Needs this! Change of pace!(MR BIG would have a NEW look!) ANY BAND/DJ that orders this let me know..I'll go 2 the Concert & make sure it's Sold out! I use 2 play the Broom when cleaning! :D >>ANDY, What were U smokin' when U came up with this Slap Bass & Percussion? It's Futuristic cool & hilarious too!(JED CLAMPETT aka Beverly Hillbillies, could have used this!:D ) BILLY was sending me TWEETS & on FB all Day at NAMM & w/STEVE VAI! Wish he sent this! How can I send/share it? Do you have it on Youtube like the MOOG mini that won TEC Award?>>Shout out to deadmau5 ! What you did with Foo Fighters ROPE Remix was Brilliant! Hope you win a Grammy!

23-Jan-12 07:40 AM

Pretender FooFighterFreak    Said...

TO: ALL the Postings ..U made me laugh! Most don't have anything 2 do with the product in Vid! Hey to Skrillex (1 day I'll spell it right)Heard an awesome track on Spotify.com where the hook in the song is yelling :O" SOMEBODY CALL THE POLICE" OR'Ambulance' OR'911'! LMAO I kept replaying it! It's on the Best Singles of 2011 AND with your pal, deadmau5 who is listed with ROPE Remix of My friends the FN Foo Fighters! Thanks 4 Entertaining ME! NOW..I HAVE TO GO Talk to Charlie Sheen, as when He says he's going to the MANSION in Miami, FL..I thought since HE was awarded BIG CBS Bucks... that it's HIS Mansion! (Not the Fountain Blue Remodeled! where deadmau5 did his shows there. I use 2 go 2 that place many moons ago.) AND Charlie Sheen stated that deadmau5 was playing at Charlie's place aka MANSION! UNLESS deadmau5 did...if in fact Charlie has a place there. ALL the posts at FB, the fans thought the same, telling Charlie 2 swing by & pick him/her up..etc. haha :D OMFG!

23-Jan-12 08:22 AM

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